Джонатан Андрес Диаз


«Этот проект возник не с простого посыла. Нет повода его откладывать, нет!» (с) Этим постом мы открываем этот проект. Идеей которого с радостью поделился Алексей Черенкевич5shots.ru публиковал (надеемся еще будет публиковать) интервью с профессионалами в области дизайна. Наш же проект будет о людях связанных с тестированием ПО.

Честь открывать проект досталась весьма необычному человеку — имя которого в заголовке. Его история, надеемся, заинтересует любопытного читателя. Поскольку Джон еще учится говорить на русском, и писать ему по-русски трудновато, он написал ответы на английском. Мы просим внимательных читателей быть немного снисходительными. Знакомьтесь.

1. Пара слов о себе

My name is Yonathan, and I was born in A Coruña (North West Spain). There I studied Computer Engineering in the University of A Coruña, lived most of my life and worked as developer.

In December of 2012 I moved to Moscow, and started to search for jobs. Soon CM Consulting contacted me and after some interviews started to work as Test Automation Specialists in a project for VTB24.

I like playing football with my friends and watching it with a beer, being in the nature and travelling.

If you are planning to visit Spain, I recommend you to visit the north-west! Excellent food, warm weather, astonishing beaches and very friendly people.


2. Ваш инструментарий

Notebook: Good-old Dell XPS M1330, I have this lovely computer for almost 7 years.  But I have to admit, he is asking for a replacement lately, some tools are just a little bit too heavy for him.

19’’ + 24’’ Monitors: Who does not need more space?

Tesoro Durandal Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry Brown Switches): Because I hate cheap membrane keyboards.

If you never worked with a mechanical keyboard… Then you just should try one! You are not going back ever.

And of course… coffee!

Working without coffee is like working without hands. 🙂


3. Проект, которым вы гордитесь

I developed an application to assist doctors in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Using several computer vision techniques, the application process medical ISH (In situ hybridization) images and give a preliminary result to be used by the diagnostic specialists.

In my current project we are developing autotests for БИСКВИТ, a console application for banking. Also, I’m responsible for our automation framework library, where I developed full text/images/video/objectsToXml logs, a virtual keyboard for typing English/Russian in БИСКВИТ app, full client information randomizer and a framework to check PDF, word and excel documents, among other things.

4. Книга, которую должен прочесть каждый специалист в ИТ области

Design Patterns by the Gang of Four

For any person who is working with an Object-Oriented language, reading this book should be a must. It provides design solutions for a lot of common problems in any project.

You could read the book Preface to better get the idea.

Design Patterns

5. Профессиональный совет коллегам

Работа не волк, в лес не убежит.

The work is a never-end process, do not get obsessed by it and take care first of your beloved ones.